Saturday, July 05, 2003

My god I'm tired!

For the first time since my GCSE's at the age of 16, I find myself studying from a fat text book for an exam tommorow!! Not only that, but I'm spending all day watching training videos and swimming about in heavy scuba gear, and then being told that I have to read 100 pages in the evening! Needless to say i haven't been. I mean I TRIED! But as soon as I lie in my hammock and start to read, my eyes just close and I'm asleep! It's amazing! If the writer's of these books were to shift their market to insomniacs, they could put a lot of phamecutical companies out of business overnight (maybe a week, to give the insomniacs time to sleep before calling the doctor to cancel their prescriptions).

I went down to 3 metres today and sat on the bottom and performed lots of suicdal tricks like throwing your air away and then trying steal your friend's (it's part of the course! honest!) Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how my ears are gonna cope with the 18 metres tommorow,as they were giving me some shit today..little fuckers... giving me a right earful they were....

KO Tao is a majorly beautiful island tho. The water's crystal clear ( the sea water that is, the stuff that comes out of the tap is brown and murky), and the sun was shining like a big ball of firey gas... I say "was", as today it cloudy and shit. The water I was diving in had about a 6 foot swell, which may not sound like much, but when your floating in it trying to remove your scuba gear and put it back on again without swallowing too many endangered aquatic species in the process, it seems pretty high I can tell you.

So yeah anyway, unless you want to hear about nitrogen bubbles in the blood, oxygen toxicity, rip tides, or eqipment that is available in a variety of colours and styles, then I've not really got a lot to say.....

oh well, I'd better go and revise... :(

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