Monday, November 20, 2006

Haaa ha ha ha!

While you're all freezing your bollox off in europe, I'm here in mexico, basking in the drizzle, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, fleece, thermal longjohns, goretex jacket, gloves, woolly hat.... hang on a freakin minute here! What's going on?! This isn't right! I want my money back!

We've spent most of the day today walking around to try and keep warm. But we're stuck here until wednesday. On tuesday we need to go and do some workshops to learn how not to offend everyone we meet, and then on wednesday we go to stay in some village in the mountains and offer our services as "white faced observers". I think "brigadiers for peace" is the actual term used, but it basically means being a human rights observer and using your ugly white face to discourage the police, military, and paramilitary forces from harrassing, intimidating, raping and murdering the impossibly sweet indigenous folk who live off the land in these areas. At least it won't be cold there. It'll be fucking freezing. Up in the mountains. But how can I possibly complain when all these people are walking around barefoot and I'm looking like I'm about to scale Everest? Anyway, I wouldn't say no to a week on the beach... but it'll have to wait.

So anyway, I'm not going to have any internet access for a while, so if I had any friends reading this, I would tell them not to worry about me. But I don't. So no worries there. :)

See you later...

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