Friday, January 10, 2003

Hello people!

well, I'm back. My pal Ahmad has just started writing his blog again, so he's inspired me to get writing....
Since I last wrote, my baby has been and gone (obviously I'm referring to my gf here. If I had a real baby I promise i would keep it longer than 3 weeks). While she was here we did the whole Xmas thing, then went down to london to be tourists. London was cool. In fact it was more than cool, it was bloody freezing. Oh, and it pissed it down with rain the whole time.... But it was all good. We stayed in a big posh hotel for free (being a celebrity has it's advantages! and having a gf in the travel industry helps as well.....) and went to a few london sights.

We went to 'Bodyworlds' which was very interesting/disturbing/sick/twisted. If you've not heard of it, it's an exhibition by this controversial german guy who's famous for doing the first live autopsy on tv! It's a huge display of real dead people with their skin removed, revealing all the muscles, veins, tendons etc. The corpses are also posed in positions that are supposed to demonstrate some particular medical piece of info. Well, I can understand how the corpse posed as a basketball player dribbling a ball demonstrated various muscle groups, but I'm still not convinced what the Harry Potteresque 'corpse on a broomstich with big glasses and muscles splayed out behind him like tassles in the wind' pose was trying to demonstrate!!! :o I'm serious!

Anyway, check it out for youselves at

So, when am I off on my travels? mmm, good question. I still haven't bought my flights yet. I'm having trouble deciding on the places I'm going. Also, I think it's partly cos I'm scared of setting a date to leave. I feel like I'm not really ready yet, but at the end of the day I've just gotta chuck a load of stuff in a bag and get on a plane! As long as i have a passport and a stack of cash....

I watched 'Human Traffic' last night. If you want to see a very accurate portrayal of british club culture, then watch this movie. Mind you, It'll be sooo banned in singapore so you might have to look around a bit... anyway, I'm gonna go now!


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