Monday, January 27, 2003

How do you pack a bag for a whole year? I mean, when you go on holiday for 2 weeks, it's easy to work it out... I need x amount of boxers, x amount of socks etc. But a year?! It's all very confusing. Not to mention the fact that I'm visiting about 13 different countries with totally different climates... One minute I'm on the beach, the next I'm at the everest base camp in the Himalayas.... mmmm, I dunno. I've bought a ridiculous amount of things since I began to plan this trip. Those who have been following my blog from the start will be shocked to know that i have bought yet another backpack!! I know I know, I have about 6 already, but I just had an urge. I think maybe I have an addiction to buying backpacks. It's like the male equivalent of being addicted to buying handbags....

Anyway, I still have the dilemma of which bag to actually take.... Anyway, I wont bore you with any more talk of bags. I watched "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" last night on VCD. It really is a bloody funny movie. Very silly, but very entertaining nonetheless. Lots of stoner humour.

One positive thing that has come out of this pointless war we are about to have, is that is has given students a kick up the backside, and finally they are protesting about things that matter again, instead of sitting around and moaning about the price of beer whilst getting stoned in front of 'Countdown'. I read in the paper today that students in Wales are staging a huge "Weapons Inspection" at an RAF (Royal Air Force) base in the area. They plan to turn up at the gates of the base, and demand entry to carry out important weapons inspections. :) Good on em. A similar thing is planned for a US military base in the north of England. I've been thinking about getting a T-Shirt printed for my travels to advertise my opposition to this war, but I'm having trouble coming up with a logo that definitely won't be misinterpreted by non-English speaking muslims/Iraqis/opponents to war. It would be a shame if I was wearing a T-Shirt saying "Don't Bomb Iraq!" and ended up getting strung up by a bunch of angry locals just cos they didn't understand the word "don't"! ;) I think something a bit more visual might be better. Maybe involving Tony Blair sucking Bush's dick whilst Bush Grins insanely, finger hovering over the red button, with a huge array of Weapons of Mass destruction behind him. Then underneath I could have the quote from bush himself: "We cannot have a situation, where the world's worst leaders, are in control of the worlds most dangerous weapons"..... ;)
Anyone got any other ideas? Anyone wanna design this T-Shirt for me? I need it in the next few days... :) Ahmad, i reckon you could do a good one, you're good at characatures....

anyways, enough about that, it's too depressing. Have just been chatting with my gf on the phone. I miss her lots. I also miss Singapore. I also miss miss singapore. hehe. I miss Roti Prata, and Nasi Briyani, and Korean barbecue. I miss all my students. I miss being the boss and being able to tell ppl what to do all the time. haha! I miss having my own apartment where I can wander round in my underwear all day. I miss being warm ALL the time. However, there are lots of things that are very refreshing for me back here in the UK. The humour, the friendliness of strangers, the common understanding of irony and sarcasm, the very clever political satire on the tv, the amazing clouds and blue skies, the endless space and greenness of everything, closeness of my family, the pubs, the open fires...... If it wasn't for this war i could almost say that I'm proud to be British! Actually, fuck it, I AM proud to be british, because the british ppl aren't being represented by their goverment, so being britsh no longer has anything to do with the actions of the British Goverment. I'm starting to understand how difficult it must be for Americans, who are universally hated because of the actions of their Government. It sux.

Anyway, I'm sorry to go all political on your asses, but at the moment I'm really doing very little, except sit around and read the papers and watch tv!

that's all for now folks!

Here's a little pic of my house taken from the field behind it. Mine is the one about 3 from the right...

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