Friday, February 07, 2003

Well, I'm here! I arrived in Bombay last night at about 2am. Managed to make it to the hotel after a lot of queing at the airport a fairly interesting ride in a refridgerator on wheels. There's something woerd about air-con in cabs. It never seems to keep your whole body the same temperature... most o the journey my head was sweating while my legs froze... My hotel is clean and the room is BIG. And so it should be for 1200 rupees a night! but fuckit, that still only about 15 quid a night, so can't complain, it's just for the first 2 nights. Had a wander round a bit this morning. It's got a good atmosphere here. There's very few foreigners in the streets, so obviously I'm having to spend half my time politely fending off beggers and salesmen (not always wrist is so far adorned with a holy pice of string and a bangle of half dead flowers...) Have spent the last hour or more hiding in this internet cafe, but hunger is about to force me back onto the street... It's a bit wierd being on my own. I'm feeling quite lonely. But it's only day one, so that's wat i expected really. Right, I'm gonna go and find some food, and maybe even some friends...

P.S. I got my T-Shirt done.... In the end I opted for a more subtle logo. It says "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN OIL" (blood is in red, the rest black). Already got lots of ppl asking where I got it.... :)

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