Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I've been at this beach since yesterday, but it feels like i've been here forever! It really is beautiful. The sun hasn't stopped shining once since i got here (except at night that is) and there's been a lovely cool sea breeze. At night it actually gets quite cold, but I have a sleeping bag so I'm laughin! :) I can sit on the little veranda of my hut, and watch the beach and the sunset, and order cold drinks and food from the restaurant. The life of a king... Sharing a bed isn't ideal, but it's only sleep. I have to admit I got woken up by the bed shaking everytime Danel (the israeli guy I'm sharing with) moves, but I somehow doubt anyone out there is about to feel even a shred of sympathy for me... ;) By the way, thanks for sending me e-mails ppl, I love hearing from you all. Sorry if sometimes I don't reply, but the connection here is so slow that you have to wait ten minutes for each page to load.... I wrote a group e-mail yesterday, but the connection went down just as I tried to send it....

Anyway, I don't have a lot to tell now... So far today, I've eaten, given myself the munchies, eaten again, gone swimming, sunbathed, and then eaten again.... So, for now I'd better sign off. see y'all... :)

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