Tuesday, February 18, 2003

hi guys! well, I've finally managed to get a few pics online.... go to


and look in the "India" folder. can't put them in here cos cant link to yahoo photos. cant be arsed to upload to my own website...
Anyway, I've moved on from Vagator now. I'm in Panji again, and heading off tomorrow to Palolem, which is right in the south of goa. It's supposed to be the most beautiful beach here, so fingers crossed... So anyway, the rave didn't happen! It was cancelled because they had already had 2 in the last 2 days, so the police stopped it..... BUT, we still managed to go and party all night at a club in Vagator. We were just abt to give up and go to bed when I stopped to chat to our neigbours, and they told us about this party in the "primrose" bar, so we tagged along with them, and they brough the littluns along, so a very good time was had by all! :) I danced and jiggled and boogied all night. The music stopped at 2am, but ppl weren't really in the mood to leave, so we just stayed and tapped our feet to the rhytmic clapping of an old drunk who just sat there with his eye's closed, swaying from side to side, and clappng rhythmically for about 2 hours.... Then the next day I finally managed to get a bit of colour in my skin! WOO HOO! admittedly the colour is red, which isn't actually what I was after, but hey, it's better than white! :) so anyway, i've just spent the last hour chatting to my gf using 2 webcams, so I don have any time left, so go look at my photos, and i'll speak to y'all soon..... adios amigos!

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