Saturday, February 15, 2003

Hello friends. :) Well, here's my musings for today... When I decided to come travelling, one of the things that appealed to me was that I would meet other like-minded (open minded?) people who would, by virtue of the fact that they are travelling at all, be interesting. However, as time passes I'm starting to realise that this is not the case, or at least not in Goa. I've met some painfully boring ppl since getting here. My guesthouse has more than it's fair share of self obsessed designer hippies desperate to talk about themselves to anyone bored enough to listen... ;) But the guy I'm sharing a place with is a good guy, except he encourages me to smoke in the mornings.... ;) But yeah, it's like a big fashion show here. Everyone has to conform by wearing the uniform of the non-conformist. "longi" trousers, indian cotton shirt, small embroidered bag slung over the shoulder...maybe an anklet or two.... And some of the ppl I've tried to have conversations with...they just open their mouths, and all that comes out is "mememememememememememememememe you mememememememememememe you memememememememememe". It's most frustrating. They're not all like that tho of course. And I have to say all the Brits I've met have been very friendly and down to earth. It's very awkward when I end up with a group of Israelis tho, because they will all speak hebrew even tho they know you can't understand, which is the first time I've experienced that. Most ppl automatically switch to english when they know you're being excluded. Oh well, I guess non-english speakers have to put up with this shit all the time!! :) Anyway, today is my last day here, so I think I'm going to walk to the lake and cover myself in mud. Apparantly the mud has great healing powers..... sounds like fun. :)

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