Friday, February 14, 2003

Been back in the land of the living for a day now. Damn good to be back! :) Spent the day yesterday just lying on the beach and then went out for drinks in the evening. We went out with this english guy we met, to meet some of his friends. I thought he seemed pretty camp and his friends were too, so I guessed they were probably all gay, but what i didn't realise is that they assumed that me and Danell were actually together!! Oh dear. I'll have to work on my macho walk. Anyway, had quite a fun night. Except for the DJ!! My god! That man must have been employed by satan himself! All night he played a mix of Slovenian rock and funeral/wedding music!!! It was wrist slittingly awful. WHY!? Luckily the power cut halfway through the night, and the rest of the night was spent in quiet moonlight. I've decided that I have to start doing something soon. I've done nothing for long enough! I think maybe I'll climb to the top of the headland and take a picture. That should take me all of 30 minutes! Well, it's the full moon soon, so I rekon that's a good excuse to move down to the party beaches and do a bit of old fashioned raving! :) In fact, I really need to find out exactly when it is.... by the way, happy valentines day everyone! I hope you all get a nice valentines hug/kiss/blowjob/shag (depending on age and experience). I'll be spending it a few thousand miles away from my baby...... :( Anyway, I'd better go...things to do, ppl to see... ;)

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