Monday, February 10, 2003

I arrived in Arumbol today, which is a beach in north Goa. It's pretty chilled to say the least. Most of the travellers here are Israeli, which was a surprise! I slept with a complete stranger the other night! First time for everything i suppose.... He kept sticking his bits into me while I was trying to sleep...most annoying... before you get the wrong idea, it was on a 'sleeper' bus from bombay to goa. Cos i'm alone, i ended up in a 'bed' next to an indian guy, who luckily for me was thin and clean (as opposed to fat and smelly) so it wasn't too bad. But it is very odd fighting for bed space with someone you haven't even spoken too! I got the bus to panjai, which is the capital of goa. It's a nice city, but the beach was calling me, so this morning i got the local bus to Arumbol. I met an israeli guy getting off the bus and now I'm gonna share a beach hut with him (I'm making a bit of a habit of sharing beds with strange men....). The scene here seems to be to do as little as possible in a haze of smoke and swimming. can't complain! :) I said goodbye to my dutch pals, as they wanted to go to see 'old goa', which is a bunch of cathedral riuns, and i just couldn't face another day without having the sea to jump into when i get too hot.... I met a couple of indian guys in a cafe this morning while i ate breakfast. They were telling me how they are planning on moving to the UK once they get their portugese passports... I told them they must be mad! Why does everyone want to leave there own laid back lifestyles in the sun to get a semi-detatched council house in Bradford??? Oh well, whatever makes you happy..... anyway, times nearly up, so i'd better go

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