Sunday, February 16, 2003

Hey nonny no! I've moved from my little haven of Residensea chalets! I'm now in Vagator, which is a cool, hip, happening place where all the young things come to party and show off their wild and crazy, yet identical, haircuts and outfits. I'm finally going to a party tonight...... i think..... well the thing is I said that last night, and then I chickened out at the last minute.... But NO! Today is different! Today i have moved to this spot specifically to be closer to the party scene, and start acting my age (20) again! I gonna large it! give it some! have it large! get mashed trashed smashed and de-cashed! I'm gonna rave all night man! Yeah! Well maybe not all night..... maybe just until about 3am......or maybe 2...... perhaps I'll just go to a bar for a some drinks....... or maybe I'll just get a few beers in at home...... or I guess I could just go to bed now....... yes, that's probably the best bet, bed now...... ok, night night all! :)

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