Monday, May 12, 2003

hey there,

internet here very expensive so must be quick!!!!

have been in Chitwan National park for the last few days. We went on a jungle trek to try and spot rhinos, tigers etc, but in 3 hours of trekking we only saw 2 beetles, 1 caterpillar and a cockerel!! anyway, the next day we went back this time on the back of an elephant, and after a couple of hours of being lashed by branches and brushing off hundreds of bugs, we finally saw a family of rhinos, lying in the water doing nothing in particular. It was great to finaly see them, but I have to admit I was secretly a little dissapointed... I wanted to see a rhino fighting a tiger whilst being simoultaneously attcked by a sloth bear....... oh well.

now I'm in pokhora, which is where ppl do all the trekking and stuff. It's by a lake and it's pretty cool from what I've seen so far.... The mountains are obscured by clouds at the mo, but I'm told in the morning it's clear...

The guy who owns this internet place is bugging me now as he's sat behing me supposedly having a friendly chat with slene, but basically trying too sell her any kind of service he can think of.... grrrrr. ok, my times up. gotta go!!! :)

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