Saturday, February 28, 2004

Hi Kids,

well, I'm sitting here in my brother's room (soon to be mine! Hahaaa!) trying to write and record some songs. It's starting to get a bit tricky. After the initial elation of managing to finally get some of my songs down on disc, I am now at that tricky stage of actually having to FINISH some of my songs so that I can FINISH recording them. I have tons of half songs! I have actually managed a few... actually, make that two.... finished songs. I would let you have a listen, but I want to get a few on disc and post them to myself for copyright purposes before i go putting them up on the web. Because these songs are HOT baby!!! Oh yeah! I've already made the mistake of giving out the chords and lyrics of my "blood is thicker than oil" song to countless people during my trip.... I'm still half expecting to see that pop up on Top of the Pops any day now.... Actualy, i wouldn't really mind too much, cos i'm sure i could sue them for loads.... :) Anyway, I decided to take a break from writing songs to write a bit of blog. So here goes:


shit. My writer's block is starting to invade all aspects of my life!!! I tried to sign a credit card slip in a shop the other day but couldn't think what to write!!! the shop assistant had to suggest I write my signiture before I actually started writing!! England is slowly but surely draining my creative juices through a small and cleverly concealed valve in the sole of my right foot. Mmmmm. Perhaps if I put lead soles on my trainers..... nah, too heavy. Got to be practical here.... Maybe I need to go and find some inspiration. I've been reading the papers in the hope that that might inspire me, but all it's done so far is depress me. I'm starting to think tony blair might actually be the devil. If you've ever seen that movie with jack nicholson, "The Witches of Eastwick", you'll know what i mean. Mmmm, but if Tony's the devil, what would that make George Dubbya?? Surely not God? Oh my dear George! Say it isn't so!! Apparantly some people really do think he is appointed by the lord. I read it in the paper once. blah blah blah. You can tell I haven't done much lately can't you?

The rest of the world is getting further away with every day that passes. I'm starting to understand why most "normal" people seem to view the idea of living in other countries as an idle dream only possible for the rich and famous. That's how it feels here. You start to think "well, yes it's cold, yes it's boring, yes I'd rather be somewhere else, but that's just not possible is it? Just got to keep a stiff upper lip and try to remain as numb as possible. Don't worry, just keep watching tv and it'll all be over before you know it..." Well, excuuuuse me, but that sucks. I'm going to learn kung fu and then be like that guy from the series "kung fu" I used to watch as a kid. Travelling from town to town, helping the poor and defenceless with my combination of martial arts and ancient chinese wisdom. Right! I'm going to start right away!!! Tomorrow I shall head off into the roughest areas of madley village.... ummm.... maybe I'll hang around by the swings in the park.... and wait for some bullys to pick on a defenseless child before I run in and kung fu them all into a bloody pulp. Then i shall teach them all how to meditate before slinging my belongings over my shoulder and heading onto the next spot where my help is needed... maybe outside the village shop......

ok. it is time.

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