Sunday, February 22, 2004


I'm still here! Don't go! Don't leave me here all alone!!! I'm sorry! I know I've been lame, but I can change!! Just give me one more chance, I'm begging you!!! Ok, apology over. The thing is you see, that living in England really isn't very interesting. At least not for me anyway, mainly due to the fact that I'm english. I think maybe if I came from Mongolia I'd have hundreds of witty observations to make about how strange and exotic this country is, but unfortunately I don't, so everything is just plain old england to me. The brainless slappers in the "Crystal Rooms" nightclub that I visited last night might well be fascinating examples of british inbreeding to an American sociology student, but to me they were just plain old slappers. The icy breeze that numbed my face and hands as I walked back to the car this morning may well have a certain amount of novelty factor for a singaporean, but to me it's just plain old fucking cold. So what can i tell you? Well I guess I could tell you my plans.... You'll be pleased to know that I don't plan on staying here too long. It's just not my cup of tea quite frankly. So I'm gonna leave to somewhere warmer asap, but before I do, I need to make a demo CD. And slowly but surely it is coming together...

Yesterday I went in to a shop to help my brother choose a backpack, and I bumped into an old friend from my school days, Lee Butler. I told him i was trying to make a demo, and it turns out Lee is working at Hereford Blind College running their recording studio! Then, just as i thought things couldn't get any better, the guy working behind the counter shouts out "Oi! Do you need a bass player?". Bargain! So now I have a studio and a bassist! Amazing how these things come together when you go into the camping shop. Incidentally they didn't sell backpacks....

Hang on, I need to sneeze..... ahhh....... ahhhhhhhhh..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

fuck it.

There's nothing worse than an ahhh with no choo. That's gonna bug me all day now. It's unfinished business is what it is. Like when you go for a dump and forget to wipe your arse. Not that I do that mind you. But I'm sure some people do. Old people spring to mind. Actually, I doubt they "spring", probably more like "hobble to mind complaing about their joints and the cost of a pint of milk". Ahh, I'm just kidding, old people are alright. As long as they don't come out too much.

So yeah, where was I? Oh yes, my plans. My plans are as follows:

1: Run away to India with my guitar and sit on a beach/mountain writing songs and drinking chai.

2: Go to Argentina and play covers of english songs in a bar in Buenas Aires.

3: Go to australia and live in melbourne trying to get work playing in bars.

4: Go to California and be a busker.

5: Move to an english city, get a proper job, get a mortgage, get a chronic case of depression complemented by a healthy prozac addiction.

So, there's the options. What do you think? Really, I want your opinion. Just think, this is your chance to run my life! If I get enough responses I might make this a regular part of my journal and start handing over all important decisions to a public vote.... :)

Ok, I think I've rambled sufficiently. hasta luego baby.

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