Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Hello all,

have any of you guys been sending me e-mails with attatchments to my billy@billysalisbury.com account? I've had 3 mails from "loyboon", "vietmatch" and "picasso101", and none of them have any message identifying the sender, they just have an attatchment, so of course I just delete them all! If you wanna send me stuff, be sure to let me know who you are! :) Anyway, I think I have finally solved the god damn archiving problem!! :) It seems to be behaving relatively normally now, except I've told it to only display the last 14 days posts and it's not listening to me. Anyway, enough boring stuff. So, what have I been up to? Well, on Saturday I went to a party at Sentosa called "3D". I thought it would be similar to Zoukout, and it kind of was, except for the fact that me and my few friends were the only straight ppl there! You could literally count the number of girls present on 1 hand! It was 99.9 percent gay men, and they were taking full advantage of the fact. The outfit of choice was a pair of speedos and some body paint, or a thin strip of material just big enough to almost cover your butt.

It was really quite bizzare but also quite fascinating. I felt like I'd gatecrashed their party! I've never felt so out of place being straight! The few girls that were there, were standing around looking dejected, obviously not used to the severe lack of attention they were recieving! One thing that struck me was how unbelievably easy gay ppl have it. I mean, when a straight guy goes to a club, first of all there's probably gonna be more men than women in the club, so straight away his chances are more than halved, then take into account that what few women there are, are going to be seriously in demand, and therefore far more choosy. Then take this party we went to and look at it from a gay guy's perspective.... Every single person at that party was a potential shag! I think you can work out the math. :0 Anyway guys, I rekon the closest we'll ever get to this kind of situation is by holding a "Ladies night: girls drink for free!" night somewhere, and then instructing the bouncers not to let in any guys..... It could work..... ;)

Well, my last day is fast approaching. I'm trying to see all my friends during these last few days, it all feels very wierd. Anyway, enough already. catch ya laters...

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