Thursday, December 12, 2002

IT'S SNOWING!!!!! :)
Yes, it's true, outside is a McFlurry of white snowflakes (no crushed oreos tho) and it's beginning to settle, so by this time tomorrow ppl could be sledging and building snowmen and having snowball fights while I sit inside by the fire and curse my bastard cold and pretend I never really like snow anyway...... God I'm sick of this cold!! I still cant hear with my right ear, and my nose still feels like I've been snorting chilli powder... :( Anyway, I tried to leave the house on Tuesday... BIG mistake. Tues was like the coldest day of the last 2 years or something. By the time i'd reached town after waiting 15 mins outside for the bus, I was already frozen to the bone. After 2 hours of walking round town looking for warmer clothes to wear, i decided to get home asap, and by the time I got back, my cold has amplified itself into a terminal illness. Wrapped in blankets, I tried to thaw my frozen body, but I still dont feel quite right... I want to wander round my house in my boxer shorts! I want to nip down the shops in my shorts and T-shirt! I want to go and eat at the coffee shop on the corner and feel the warm evening air! Oh well, snow is infinitely cooler than rain (no pun intended) so i guess I can't complain (no rhyme intended). Right, I'd better go eat some brekkie.... :)

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