Sunday, December 08, 2002

Somebody shoot me.

It's 4pm and the sun has set. Not that it was ever up in the first place mind you, but I'm assuming it was up, as the uniform grey of the sky was emitting enough light for me to see. Now however, it is slowly darkening to a night time shade of black. I tried to go outside for a moment earlier, and then realised that it was suicide and ran back in before my feet went numb and I fell over. It is freezing. I mean FCUKING FREEZING! I'd forgotten how crap england looks in the winter when it's not sunny and there's no snow. The trees look like bony old men with wiry fingers who snatch babies from prams in horror movies. Or maybe that's just the jet lag. Either way, there's no denying that it looks shite. It's no surprise that every holiday brochure of the UK is packed full of shots of spring, summer, autumn, and snow! You never see a pic of a drab grey sky, loads of leafless gnarly trees and a few frozen birds shivering on a telegraph pole, do you? anyway, if your interested, i had a safe flight home, apart from the first landing, when the Boeing 747 nearly jack-knifed on the runway. It was only a split second, like when you do a jump on your bmx and land at a bit of an angle, and nearly lose your balance and come of sideways, but pull it back at the last minute, only this time instead of having a fleeting vision of grazed knees and bent spokes, I had a fleeting vision of blazed trees and burnt folks. anyway, it was ok, apart from being the worst bastard flight of my entire life. I had a cold when i got on the plane in singapore, and I had strong desire to kill myself when i got off in birmingham. and lets not forget the 3 hour wait to transfer in Frankfurt... anyway, this computer sux, some im gonna go. grrrrr. ;)

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