Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I'd just like to make a bit of a correction to one of my earlier posts. I don't usually talk about my personal life in my blog, but seeing as I put it in there as part of my story, I should explain properly. My girlfriend, selene, didn't "finish with me", that makes it sound like she was doing something cruel, which if i wanted to wallow in self pity would be an easy thing to let myself believe, but is basically not true. She didn't want to end the relationship any more than I did, but for reasons too complicated to talk about, it needed ending, and I didn't have the balls to do it. I prefer to pretend everything is fine until the last possible minute. We're still best friends, and we're both absolutely gutted, but we want different things from life, live on opposite sides of the globe, and I am currently only half way thru 12 months of travelling, so I can't blame her for taking the initiative. It's one thing travelling around having fun knowing that someone is waiting for you, it's another thing doing the waiting. So just in case you were thinking my gf is some heartless bitch who has left me in the lurch, alone in a strange country, think again. Doesn't make it any less shit. Maybe even more so, as you don't have the luxuries of blame or self pity, but i guess that's life. Anyway, if I wanted to write one of those moany blogs where people talk about how miserable they are, then you wouldn't be reading this, so this will be my final word on the matter. Give me a while for my eyes to clear so that i can go back to observing the world again, and i will do my best to pick out something worthy of your horizontal eye movement. Thankyou for you time. BingBong.

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