Saturday, August 16, 2003

hey there....

I was contemplatig rewriting that leech story, but as the n key is broken I just cant be bothered... actually thats a lame excuse, i just cat be bothered anyway...

I'm writig a song at the mo about the world situation and stuff.... here's the basics so far:

Every time I watch the news these days,
I see the same old leaders
tryin to lead us into wars with propaganda that they feed us.
As the unelected president of the United States of General Motors,
Plans his next move aimed to help his business partners meet their quotas,
and I-aaaaa
I watch the world just stand asiiide
waiting for their piece,
of the american pie.

Well people try to tell me the ends justify the means,
but I guess these people haven't ever heard the victim's screams,
and there's clearly many questions that I really can't ignore,
like: Is it a just war? Or is it just a war?

And as blair kisses bushes butt and calculates his cut,
NBC does it's best to stir your patriotic feelings up,
and as the peole were protecting, they pile up in the soil,
I'll tell you this, my friends,
Blood, is thicker than oil.

We went in the looking for the W-M-D,
Instead we found a country that was practically empty,
except for one commodity, of which they had plenty,
enough to power bushes car for a century.

State of Emergency
National Security
Fear of an enemy that you can't see
Savin my liberty
that's what they're tellin me,
make more space in the miltary cemetry
Troops in afghanistan
wipin out the Taliban
finishin the job that the russians had planned
overseas enterprise
dollar signs in their eyes
yesterdays allies are soon to be enemies.


Sounds better if you sing it of course!

right, that's all folks! I'm flying to Jakarta tomorrow morning.. wish me luck!!

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