Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hello again,

Well, I�m all alone once more. I saw my family off at the airport earlier and am now feeling rather at a loss as to what to do with myself. Actually, I have a few local friends I could call, but I�m not really feeling up to making conversation�.

Anyway, last night we had a blast! Dekson, the singer I mentioned before, invited us to a party at his mates house. It was a garden party, with flaming toches all around, a stage for everyone to jam on, and lots of booze. Awesome. People kept telling us it was a traditional Javanese party. We tried to explain to them that it was exactly the same as a traditional English party, but they wouldn�t have any of it. �But look, try this Indonesian food from the barbecue!� they said. �It�s a corn on the cob�, we said, �we have them too, very tasty�. I will say this for them however: they are a damned musical bunch! Loads of people were getting up and jamming, including myself, and no one was embarrassed to be singing, or wailing, or banging a drum, or whatever�.

Well, I�m off to Mt Bromo next, then on to Bali to catch a flight to perth, where hopefully I�ll be able to visit some relatives of mine (If they reply my e-mail in time!...)

I�m gonna go and grab some food. I�ll try and write something a bit more interesting next time�..

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