Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hey guys!

sorry it's been so long... you know how it is! well, todays been a bit shit to be honest. It started at 9am with a car crash... I was driving into town to do some decorating at my dad's house. I was driving down a main road, which was perfectly straight, and up ahead I saw a car waiting to pull out into the road from a junction on the left. Then, as I drove past him going about 45mph, he pulled out!! Straight into my passenger door, sending me skidding almost onto the wrong side of the road, where trucks were flying past at high speed! I managed to get the car under control and pulled over. When i got out, I had a quick look at the damage: door caved in, wing scraped and dented, wheel smashed up, and then walked over towards the other guy's car. For some reason he hadn't got out of his car, probably because he knew he'd just nearly caused a major accident and was worried i might hit him! As I got closer I realised that he was about 90 years old! He had glasses as thick as plates and a hearing aid, and his hands were shaking (mind you so were mine!). We exchanged details, but I didn't really manage to get much sense out of him... I kind of felt like telling him off like a kid, but was held back by my embaressment at berating someone 4 times my age!! But the fact is, he shouldn't be on the roads. Even a drunk person wouldn't be useless enough to pull out into the side of a fully visible car! His excuse that I had had my indicator on (I hadn't) and he thought i was going to turn into the turning he was on. What, at 45mph??!! Anyway, the simple fact is that at a certain age ppl are likely to become a danger on the roads, and this guy certainly was.

So anyway, after my crash I managed to drive to my dads and spent the day repainting his living room despite having a stinking cold... but now I've started I have to finish!! Arrghgh! On a brighter note, I just sold my first CD!! Someone who heard me play in a cafe at glastonbury festival e-mailed me and asked to buy a cd!! Woo hoo!! I'm 10 pounds closer to my first million!

btw, the results of the writing competition don't come out till october i think...

right, gotta go to bed, more painting in the morning! :(