Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen!!

The billy's blog experience is about to be re-opened, re-vamped, and reincarnated! That's right, I am finally leaving this wet little island and heading back to india on a journey of awakening! Well, awakening, a-sleeping, and a-eating to be precise... Yes, it's true, I, Billy Salisbury, am going to attempt what only a few million people have been brave enough to attempt before me! I am going to fly to india, and set upon a completely unplanned adventure of visiting places, eating food, playing guitar, and sunbathing. Despite the obvious dangers, (suicidal bus drivers, unpredictable cows, chronic diorreah), I have decided to give up the joys of an english winter, sacrifice my potential career as a high flying clever person, and head of into the realms of the notverywellknown.

I fly on the 13th November, which is literally days away, and then return to the UK on 27th April 2005, which is also literally days away (although thankfully quite a few). In between these two dates I shall be wandering the back roads of india like a wandering sadhu, only cleaner. My only luggage will be a toothbrush, a spare pair of boxer shorts, a pair of fisherman's pants, (this is an actual item of clothing common to thailand and is not supposed to be interpreted literally), a 300 pound guitar (cost not weight), a brand new top of the range HI-MD player, a digital camera, and a box of plasters. Leaving behind all the luxuries of the modern world, I shall wander alone, my only travelling companions being my guitar, my pack, and about 1.5 million israelis. Together we shall beat the beaten track until it is well and truly beaten, all the while trying desperatley to get off it, only to find that when we do, the track we are on becomes beaten as well, until all tracks are beaten and getting off the beaten track becomes purely a figure of speech.

India is such a land of contradictions, and yet at the same time, it's not. You know what I mean? :)

So yes, enough said. Spread the word to all, Billy the blogger is back, and this time he has a guitar! Which incidentally, I have just this second succeeded in winning off of e-bay. I have only recently discovered e-bay, and already i hate it! It's completely addictive, and very stressful! Items that normally I would just have gone out and bought, have now become a complex process of sifting through thousands of identical items searching for the best deal, then spending days waiting in a constant state of anxiety, before finally finding that I've been outbid at the last minute and I'm back to square one!!! It's evil! Having said that I have just bought a guitar worth about 300 squid for 150, so that's not too bad. I also bought a LED headlamp for 1p yesterday. plus 4 quid postage mind you... but still, 1p!! Now they've got to post it to me from Hong kong... and before you all start laughing at me and thinking I've been ripped off, I'll have you know I think they eemed like very reputable dealers and I have every confidence that they will deliver the item on time... perhaps.

Right, gotta go pay for my new guitar... whoopie! New Toys! :)
So, watch this space, the blog is back in town.