Friday, September 05, 2008

Indian summer my arse

My oh my, what a wonderful day!

At last the baking heat of the english summer is over and we are delivered, sunburned and sweaty, to the cool autumnal rains, gently lashing down upon us from slate grey skies. For those not currently residing in the UK, and unacustomed to sarcasm, I am in fact being sarcastic. Once again the autumn has arrived before the summer actually began. Of course everyone is still talking about the much anticipated "indian summer", that last bastion of hope used by the British to fend off the winter blues for one more month. Personally I'm leaning more towards the "indian winter", a guaranteed 4 months of sunshine while I wait for the spring to arrive, but that would require money, and I don't have any. If anyone is impatiently waiting for new songs and is willing to donate enough for my airfare, I promise to write lots of new material, write a song for you, and even drink a lassi in your honour!

Anyway, what have I got to share today? Well first up, go and watch this animation:

It's called "Muto" and it's a stopframe animation painted on the walls of Buenos Aires and Baden... it's freakin brilliant!

Right, I'm off to learn fingerpicking guitar on youtube... :)


Anonymous said...

I think its best you stop taking the piss out of the universe.....its a good fewer clouds in the sky between Bristol and London... I will sit in the sun on your behalf tomorrow! Please try and be nice on the weekend of the 25th when your in town.


Ps I am really looking forward to watching you play at the Libra Infancia Party

Billy said...

On the contrary, it was my taking the piss out of the universe that made it feel the need to prove itself, hence the amazingly unseasonal weather this weekend (especially in London, which is we=here I was!). So, I predict that it will now become icy cold and possibly snow for the next month without let up. Come on Universe, what do you think of that!! :)