Monday, December 05, 2011

I need a Hero Honda

So here I am in lazy Arambol, Goa, trying to resist the urge to scratch myself into an orgasmic state of temporary relief from the 100 mozzie bites that I have somehow acquired over the last week. After the crazy noise and hectic pace of Mumbai, it took me a week to finally slow down and adjust myself to Goa time, but I think I'm getting there now... Have had some great jams with some fantastic musicians which has reminded me that this trip should be more about learning than about performing, as I have so much to learn as a musician and there are so many people here to learn from! So, my mission now is to finally learn how to play the guitar properly and stop blaming my double jointed fingers for my utter laziness to ever practice anything!

I'm afraid staying here is very unhealthy for my blog however, as everything is way too easy. The normal incomprehensible madness of India seems like a distant memory when you are sat under a parasol ordering your 3rd banana lassi of the morning...

One thing that does make me laugh on a daily basis is my motorbike. Most people when they arrive in Goa either hire a scooter, or if they're really cool, a big old enfield motorbike with chopper handlebars... a real classic bike. I on the other hand have ended up with something that looks like it came straight out of the movie "Tron"... it's bright yellow, and has enough streamlined, angled bodywork that it could blend in on a daytona racetrack... the only thing that would mark it out as an impostor would be it's paltry 150cc engine... yes, that's right, it is a faker... a bike designed to look like a monster racing bike but engineered to give great mileage... the perfect bike for any young indian man who wants to feel big while watching the pennies... anyway, needless to say, I look absolutely ridiculous riding it... especially when I'm trying to turn around and struggling to move the bike with my puny little arms! So I think I may change it today, but I'll be sure to get a photo to share with you all before I do... one thing is for sure though, it certainly fits with my undercover hippy look... ;)

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