Monday, November 18, 2002

Hello again.

This weekend, me and Selene went to Pulau Ubin to camp overnight. We've been wanting to go for ages, and we finally made it! When we got there I knew straight away that I would like the place. It just doesn't seem like Singapore at all. Very laid back, everyone smiling, shopkeepers being friendly and helpful, mongrel dogs scratching their fleas in the middle of the road, lot's of dust and junk everywhere. lovely! :) So we hired a couple of bikes and headed across to find the beach and set up camp. When we arrived at the "beach", we were both a bit surprised that it called a "beach", when it is in fact, more similar to a small carpark. Anyway, we pitched our tent in true singaporean style (as close to the toilets as possible), and set about making a fire. We noticed there was a large group of students camped near us, obviously on some kind of organised trip. They were all singing camp songs and having a good time, and we thought "ahh, how sweet".

At 2am I was lying on my rock hard bed fantasizing about taking a flamethrower to their whole camp. We had been trying to sleep for hours now, and yet these students just didn't stop! I mean I'm all for ppl having fun, as I'm sure you all know, but these little bastards just seemed to scream and shout at everything! It was like living next to a troup of howler monkeys, only worse. At about 3am, Selene went and asked them politely to keep the noise down a bit, which they did.... for about 30 seconds.

At about 4am I got up and went over to find about 20 of them stood around at the toilets having a shouting match.

"Hi guys, can you do me a favour?" I asked nicely....

They all stared at me blankly.

"Can you SHUT THE F**k UP???!!!!", i YELLED, trying to look as menacing as was possible at 4am.

They all stared at me blankly.

After ranting for a while more, I decided my job was done and went back to "bed" (the floor). Amazingly, they did actually lower their volume........for 30 seconds.

At 6am, the remaining few "cool" ppl, who had stayed up smoking ciggarettes to prove to themselves how much cooler they were than the rest of the group, finally went to bed.

At 7am they all got up and started singing again.

So, we got up, having had no proper sleep, and decided to cycle around the island, which we managed to do pretty well. Amazingly, i managed to spend the whole trip with my top off, and didn't get a single mozzy bite. Then when I got home last night, I got about 15 bites within 20 mins of walking into my house!! Obviously the mozzys on Ubin had been conspiring with the mozzys in my house to set an elaborate trap for me! bastards.

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