Sunday, November 10, 2002

What a weekend! So much happiness and so much sadness all thrown in together. On Saturday, I was kind of hoping that my girlfiend, Selene, had organised a bit of a surprise birthday/leaving party for me, but as the evening drew closer I started to realise that this wasn't the case at all. And then when she asked me if i'd invited any of my friends to the drum and bass night I was MCing at that night, it confirmed that there was nothing planned. No secret group of friends plotting to surprise me, no carefully planned party awaiting my arrival.

So, feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself, and with selene apologising and asking me not to be angry with her, we headed off to Drum and Bass. When i got there, there was just the usual few friends who organise the night, and the few last shreds of hope that I was clinging on to were finally dashed. Then Selene asked me to come through to the wine bar next door for a second, and WHAM!!!! The whole room was filled with my friends and students! Especially my students! My god! there must have been close to 60 of them! Cheers guys!!! You rule! :) They all did the usual cheering singing happy birthday and stuff, and I did the usual looking goofy and grinning a lot, and then we all moved back into the drum and bass arena, and a wild night was had by all. Cheers to everyone who was involved, you really made my day. :) Especially Selene! Thanks baby! :)

But it really is sad to be saying goodbye to so many people. And of course the hardest is leaving Selene. I'm still not sure how i'm going to cope without her. :( I'll just have to see how long I last....

Anyway, a lot of ppl were asking how they're gonna keep in touch with me from now on, so here you go! You can track my movements on this log, and e-mail me anytime at

I'd better go sleep now. night night. :)

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