Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Man, my brain hurts! I've just spent hours trying to get the archives working properly on this blog. Still seem to have 3 novembers! Oh well, my birthday's in novemeber, so I guess three's ok. :) Anyway, today was my last day at work. i've handed in my keys, my access card, my gun and my badge, and it's back to being a plain old civilian again. It was actually quite sad leaving, despite all the stress and frustration I've had there. I'll definitely miss the place and the ppl. But now i'm here, hundreds of metres away from the colleages i knew and loved... ;) Yep, that's right, I'm still living within a girly stones throw from my office, so I guess my escape was not so great after all. But having said that, it's less than a month until I leave....

Looking forward to going home for Xmas. Ah, the beautiful traditions of xmas! drinking, eating, and watching telly. :)

Merrrrrry Xmas everyone!! (If the stores can start xmas, so can I!)

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