Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Today it rained most of the day, so I did very little. Went and ate Char Kway Teow and made myself feel sick, and then made a rather makeshift dinner of mashed potato, a beef burger, some veggies, and corn on the cob. :) Selene doesn't eat veggies, so hers was just mashed potato with a beef burger! (No buns, cos they were too stale). Man, i really know how to treat a woman. :) Just watched the second half of Terminator. Didn't seem as cool as when I watched it as a kid. I went to see "Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Weak Piss" on friday. It was pretty good. A bit long, but otherwise well worth watching. I think those harry potter movies are the first movies I've ever seen that are actually better for having read the book first. Usually if I see a film of a book, I hate it. The worst book adaptation ever is "The Power of One". The book (by Bryce Courtney) is one of the best books I've ever read, and I've read it about 6 times, which is quite a lot considering it's as thick as a large dictionary. The film, however, is shite.
I've been trying to pack for the last couple of days, as I have to move out on 26th, which is exactly one week away. But the problem is everything I try to pack, i still need! Clothes...no, need to wear em......CD's......no, need to hear em.......PC....um, no........TV.......yeah right!!!..........
So in the end, all I've managed to pack is my books! Everything else is still strewn around my flat in it's usual mess.
I bought a new camera the other day. It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9. It's got 4 mega pixels of stuff in it! wahhhh! It was bloody expensive tho. Selene was a bit shocked that i would spend so much on a Camera, but I rekon it's a good investment. and it's shiny. and the lens extends when you turn it on and make a cool noise like "vffwrrrt" and then it goes "bing bong" to let you know it's ready for action. So as you can see, it's well worth the cash. :) and it takes very good pictures! here look, i'll show you, i'll take one now.....

See! good right!? Here, I'll take a photo of the camera so you can see how cool it looks....oh....hang on.... mmmm, actually I've decided not to do that. Ok, I guess I'd better go now, otherwise my post will get too long and then Bloody Blogger wont let me post it. :( nite nite.

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