Thursday, March 13, 2003

hello again,

well, I've just spent hours resizing my photos using microsoft Paint, and now it wont let me upload half of them, and now my connections gone cos Paul's using the phone! Grrr. Ok, nevermind, I'll try again in a bit. anyway, the photos are at:

so, yesterday i went to a pub with Paul called "10 Downing St"! Unfortunately Tony wasn't there so I couldn't spill my pint on him...
It was quite strange really. I felt like i was having what I have decided to call "reverse surrealist culture shock". You see, I have spent the last month being in "India", and then last night I was in an English Pub, but full of well to do Indians (of which I have so far seen virtually none) spending more on drinks in one evening than I have been spending in a whole day on everything! Even tho beer was still cheap by uk standards, it seemed so expensive to me! however, after a few, this soon subsided....

Right, I've got to get up, so bye bye!

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