Friday, March 07, 2003

Hey all,

well, things have been pretty interesting here lately! Last night I went swimming in the sea in the dark and there was that phosphorescence like in the movie "the beach"! It's the most amazing thing! It looks like there are sparks streaming from your body as you move in the water. To anyone watching it, it looks like you're an angel with a glowing aura around you! So cool! Also, they've been filming an indian movie on my beach for the last few days. It's called "An Ode to Lost Love"..... pretty original huh? It's very bizzare because it's movie about a movie being made, so we're wathing them make a movie about making a movie! And to top it off, i'm filming them, so i'm making a movie about people making a movie about making a movie! :) They've got tracks for the camera trolleys and everything. It's very odd trying to figure out who's a member of the crew, and who's an actor playing a member of the fictional crew, and if some of them are actually doing both to save costs! Yesterday I saw them film a shot in which the make-up man comes and powders the face of the lead actor (played by...the lead actor). Of course before he comes on the real make up man has to do HIS make-up! It's all very confusing....

I'm trying to leave this beach now and head up to Pune... Today is the day when i organise everything..... later..........
It's damn hot here!

by the way, go sign this petition: and mum, can you sign it for me too please? :) The connection here is just too slow! I've been on over half an hour and only read one mail!

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