Tuesday, March 04, 2003

wow, this place is crazy! :) I've just been throwing bananas at children in a giant chariot being pulled down the street by all the townsfolk..... It's the festival of Siva something or other, and they have these enormous chariots, about the height of a 7 storey building, with a big cone shaped roof like you get on a mosk (spelling?? help me out ahmad..) but made out of coloured paper flags or something. Then there's guys everywhere selling bananas, and the idea is to throw the banana as high into the roof of the chariot as possible..... or to hit a small child in the face... whichever you prefer. The town is packed full of ppl today, and the atmosphere is really something.

I slept in our new room last night and soo wished I'd slept on the beach again.... As soon as I went to bed, this spoilt little german toddler next door started crying and continued to wail all night. I could have strangled the little shit.... :) So tonight it's back to the beach I rekon. :)

ok, that's all for now...... seeya!

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