Thursday, March 27, 2003

well, it's been a long time since my last post and I apologise, but so much has happened I really dont know what to write first! I guess I'll start at the beginning. So: Jaipur was horrible. I really started feeling like I didn't like India anymore, because everytime I left the guesthouse I found myself desperately wanting to get back again! As soon as I hit the street I was beseiged by rickshaw wallahs, street kids etc, and they just didn't give up...also it was damn hot and very crowded. I also got the feeling that i couldn't trust anyone, even if they were being really friendly, because everyone seemed out to pull a scam of some kind! I had one great experience when I went to get a pedlo rickshaw (an old syle rickshaw with a guy cycling it). I asked the guy sat on the rickshaw how much too the minaret? We agreed on 10 rupees....then he got off the rickshaw, and this old man came out from behind the moto stand.....He must have been at least 75 years old, and was quite clearly drunk and stoned! He climbed on the rickshaw, which I was already sat it, giggling to himself... I turned to the other drivers, and asked "Is he drunk and stoned?!", to which they all giggled profusely..... Then it was too late, he had already started turning and riding us directly into the oncoming traffic! He put his arm out to indicate to the traffic that he was planning on cutting them all of as he trundled across to the correct side of the road...Cars flew by us, missing by a whisker, horns blaring and fists shaking....... We made it to the correct side of the road, still alive, barely. The my poor driver started struggling as we hit a slight incline, making me feel very guilty. I wanted to offer to cycle while he sat on the back, but then what's the point in taking a rickshaw?? Eventually he got me there, refusing to stop 200 metres before as I asked, and insisting on taking me all the way there, still giggling....

I saw one of the other drivers a couple of days later and asked him if my driver had been high. "Yes baba, I give him joint and he drinking, him very high" he told me, grinning from ear to ear.... Well, I'm still alive, so I guess I can put it down as a good experience! :)

So, after a few days in Jaipur I was feeling very sick of India, so i jumped on a bus to Pushkar in the hope it would be better. And it IS!!!! :) It's awesome here! It's just a small town, in the middle of the desert, but it's very holy. It surrounds a lake, and has mountains around it, with samll temples at the top. I can see one of these mountain temples from my bedroom window. When I arrived in Ajmer (the nearest local town), I was befriended by and Indian guy. The first thing i noticed about him was that his teeth seemed to be trying, quite successfully, to escape from his mouth. The second thing i noticed was that he had an honest face and a friendly smile, so when he told me he had a guesthouse and showed me photos of it, I decided to follow him. Normally when ppl try to take me to their guesthouse in this manner, I deliberately avoid them like the plague, but this guy, Monti, seemed so honest that i couldn't refuse.

I arrived and immediately liked the place! It's so quiet and peaceful. Next door to me there is a group of europeans running something called the "Joshus Project". It's basically a school for street kids where they get to learn some stuff, eat a bit of food, and play. It's such a nice project! I would have like to have joined, but it's closing in about 12 days, and they already have all the help they need.... maybe some other time....

Last night I went on a Camel safari into the desert with Pablo and Haduwich, 2 belgians that have been working on the Project. It was really good fun. Riding a camel is pretty damn uncomfirtable though, let me tell you! I'm afraid I may never be able to have children after the pounding my testicles took on that ride...... We slept out in the open with the stars as out roof, and woke with the dawn. magic! :)

There was a crazy festival here the other night also. There was this big procession through the main street, with hundreds of light bulbs, and one very bizzare mechanical statue of a monket god who opens up his own chest revealing a red light bulb inside (his heart?) whilst opening and closing his mouth! There is also very loud and seeminly tuneless music blaring from speakers all over the place. Amazingly, this cacophony of noise is coming from a brass band, led by a guy with one of those tiny casio keyboards which he holds in one hand and plays with the other! As Obelix would say, "these Indians are crazy!".....

So, we're at war. Poo on you Mr Bush! It makes me sick the way this war is being covered by the media like a goddamn American Footbal game!! The fact of the matter is this: Innocent people are getting injured and killed. Until someone gives me a good reason to justify this, I still say this war is a sham. Sick sick sick.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that I'm enjoying Pushkar, although it's getting too hot now..... Move to the moutains soon.... :)

seeya! :)

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