Saturday, March 08, 2003

I left Om Beach! Wow... on a spur of the moment descision we just packed and left this morning to come up to anjuna to try and catch one party before we go seperate directions... I'm gonna head to Pune either tommorow or the next day..... :) I spoke to Paul and he's in Pune now..... I forgot his birthday tho! Sorry mate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!

We got the train today from gokarna to Margau. and we arrived at the station just as the train was pulling out! we tried to run for it, but the guy shouted 'ticket!" and waved us towards the ticket office... we ran to the window and tried to shove the money at him, but the train was pulling away quicker, and we decided to just run and jump on, which we did! I nearly dropped my bag off the edge of the train! Then we wondered what we were gonna tell the conductor, but for 2 hours, no conducter came, so in the end we travelled for free! To be honest we all felt a bit guilty at having cheated them out of 20 rupees! It was an accident! honest! :)

We shared a taxi here with 2 american girls and an english guy... Funnily enough i'd actually seen these 2 girls a couple of days before walking on the beach and overheard them arguing about who was more interesting, the English or the Ozzies!

(american accent) "Oh my gahhhd! but the english are just soooo funnny ya know? They're interesting!"....................
"yeah, but the Ozzies just have something ya know?"....................

I pretended to read my book and listened to their praise secretly, an undercover hippy hard at work......
I told the girls this, and they said something or other very loudly, I forget now..... Americans... Tsk! ;)

Ok, i'm gonna go and find a party now! First gonna see the night market......... Hope all is well with you all! :)

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