Wednesday, April 09, 2003

As the tanks roll into bagdad and the Iraqis celebrate on television, in Media offices around the world a huge collective U-turn is underway. Yesterday I read the "Independent" online, and it was spouting anti-US rhetoric. Today i go online and it's using the very terminology that yesterday is was condemning! Bagdad has been "Liberated" it tells us... here's a taster:

US marines liberate Baghdad as Saddam's regime crumbles
PA News reporters
09 April 2003

Jubilant Iraqis celebrated liberation today as triumphant US tanks and soldiers poured into the heart of Baghdad.

Civilians and Allied soldiers mingled freely after Saddam Hussein's regime melted away overnight.

US tanks rolled up to the Palestine Hotel, in front of the world's media, snuffing out the last pockets of resistance in the city's centre.

People put a noose around the head of the iconic statue of Saddam in the city's main square and, using a sledgehammer, tried to bring it down. Using the ultimate Arab insult, they threw shoes at the statue.

David Chater told Sky News: "The pincers have closed on the heart of Baghdad. It is an extraordinary sight and a very welcome one".


This is all well and good, and I'm really pleased that the Americans have been recieved well in Bagdad. But lets face it, if you weren't happy about them being there, you wouldn't be out in the street shouting about it would you? But I thought the paper could have had a bit more conviction in it's stance than to change it's tune literally overnight! Maybe today they could have said "US Marines Liberate Bagdad, but Bush is still thick as shit", and then tomorrow: "Iraqis still celebrating, Bush says something not entirely stupid".....followed up the next day with "Hooray for Bush, we always loved you really". At least try to pull some wool over our already bloodshot eyes! Oh well, at least Robert Fisk is still writing his daily updates on what bodies look like after they've been blown up.

It also struck me that I too would be celebrating if I had been holed up in my house for the last 2 weeks waiting to be blown up and finally this ordeal came to an end. I'd run straight outside, do a little dance, throw some flour at a couple of marines (no, not a spelling mistake) and then go and loot myself a 21 inch flatscreen tv to watch the rest of the war live on CNN.

Anyway, enough of this war. Just make sure I get a piece when you're dividing up the treasure....

We did our big procession through the marketplace with the kids today. It was great fun. I spend most of the time trying to prevent kids from throwing themselves under passing vehicles, but managed to look up ofeten enough to see the looks on the faces of the people we passed. It was really great to see all the shopkeepers come out of their shops to watch us and all of them gave us a signal to show that they were impressed and approved of what we were doing. I think that's one of the most important things. To change the local perception of these kids, who are normally just seen as a problem. Hopefully now they'll see that these kids are just kids, and maybe they'll have a chance to prove themselves one day. I feel so proud.... :''''-)

After the procession we took them to an "all you can eat" buffet dinner. I don't think they quite understood the "all you can eat" part, and lots of pushing and over piling of plates was the order of the day... :)

Tomorrow is the last day of school. We're just gonna eat food and play football! :) Tomorrow morning I'm finally gonna climb the mountain with the temple on top. Gonna get up at 5:30am to do it! wish me luck.....

ok, good luck to all Iraqis with my, sorry I mean your new country. :)


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