Saturday, April 05, 2003

Man, this is the slowest internet connection ever....

Well, I'm almost recovered from my cold, and the last couple of days have been awesome. Yesterday we too the kids for a swim in the new pool that has just been built by the hotel next door. I think it was the first and probably the last time they'll be in a swimming pool.... It was madness as I'm sure you can imagine! Today we made belgian chips for them. I'm sure my english friends out there are shouting "What's so special about belgian chips! English chips are the best in the world!", but you'd be wrong I'm afraid guys. belgians fry their chips twice! And I have to say they're the best chips I've had in years... :) Anyway, it's hard to find things to say as all my stories are about individual kids with personalities that I can't really do justice to in a few lines.... What i will say is that it's an amazing experience working here. The kids are so full of happiness despite their situations, and they're so quick to show you affection... You can see some photos and read about the project at their web-site

I'm supposed to be going on a bike ride at 8am tommorow, but I'm sooo tired. I was up till 2am last night drinking beer (yes beeer! we cycled about 6 miles to get it....) and smoking and playing songs on the guitar. Happy days. But I was woken up this morning to start washing potatoes.... we used 14 kg of potatoes to make enough chips!! Tonight is another festival in Pushkar, but to be honest, almost every night is a festival here. It's really quite insane. They wheel out these gods from the temples and parade them in the streets, surrounded by enough ligh buls to light a football match! They were also doing firebreathing the other day and using it a form of crowd control! When the crowds pressed in too tightly, they knelt and blew a huge cloud of flame at them to make them move back! It was effective for a few seconds before the crowd began to push forward again.... :)

Right, this keyboard is too shit, I can't be bothered anymore! hope your all well and summer is finally arriving in the UK!


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