Friday, April 18, 2003

Hello from McLeod Ganj!

I'm in the mountains now, finally getting the chance to wear my nice warm fleece that i have been cursing for the last few months as it lay unused in my backpack. Even my walking boots have seen the light of day! :) It's pretty chilled here, altho on the day we arrived, apparantly there was big rave just down the road, but we didn't know so went to bed after watching half a movie!!! (It was a verrry long movie... Ghandi... about 4 hours plus!). Planning on doing a small day trek tomorrow or the next day. My walking boots are finally becoming useful! The weather here is lovely. Like an english spring, but warmer at midday. Gonna go swimming in the icy river tomorrow, just like preston on wye in spring!! (but with the himalayas just behind...).

This place is where the exiled tibetan government is based and the Dali Lama has his crib. I missed the chance to see him give a public audience on the day I arrived, but apparantly if you apply in writing and give a good reason, you can be granted a private audience to go see him. So now I just need a good reason.... Dear Dali Lama, I really need to see you. I am thinking of buying a house and need advice on getting the right mortgage.... mmm, maybe not. Dear Dali Lama, I need to see you as I have disovered the meaning of life, and i want to check if it's the same as yours before I try to aquire a patent......

Anyway, as you may have noticed i have been avoiding the internet lately. Quite frankly, I have better things to do. :) But don't worry, I haven't abandoned you all completely. I'll still pop in to let you know the latest happenings in my spawny life... :)

U can see the snow capped himalayas from here. Makes me badly want to go snowboarding! Gonna find out how much it'll cost.... :)

Ok, thats all for now!

enjoy the spring!

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