Friday, April 25, 2003

I went for a swim in the waterfall the other day. I was expecting it be cold. I wasn't, however, expecting to feel like someone had hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat. But then I suppose it's only just melted.... It was good anyway! When you get out you don't feel cold because your skin is SOOO cold that the air feels warm... :)

I'm still planning on going on a trek "tomorrow" (such a flexible word "tomorrow") and this time I have a guide (the owner of my guesthouse) so maybe I actually will go....

I went to a wedding the other day. Very cool. All the guys were drunk and dancing like nutters (of course I had to join in to be polite... ) and all the women were sober and dancing like nutters..... Except the bride who was shut away in a room at the back with her face covered in a shawl and her head in the lap of a bridesmaid.... There were a few small fights as the drunken men got a bit too rowdy, and my host informed me that later on there would no doubt be a lot more....

There was another trance party here last night, but once again I didn't go.... I think I must be gettin old..... Or maybe it's just because trance is shit..... either way, I haven't been full power lately. "Full power" is one of those expressions that everyone uses here but no one knows whether it's Indian, english, israeli, or a combination of the 3.... But it's a great expression! Full Power!

I found a good cafe to hang out in now, with a bunch of english and israelis, and a gay ozzy guy who works there.... I was there the other night, and the Ozzy guy, "Summer", was getting a bit worried as he had given the new hired help 2 large whiskeys and a lump of charas. Now this new guy had come from a village somewhere and was not really used to these crazy westerners and their excessive ways...and this guy had downed 2 large whiskeys and then smoked the whole lump of charas to himself, and was in the middle of doing a major whitey... he thought his stomach was hurting...he'd been poisoned etc etc.... so Summer was worried and feeling guilty..

Summer said he was worried that maybe this new guy would leave in the morning and go back to his village and then they'd have to find someone new... I said that maybe that wasn't very likely, and Summer explained: "you don't understand, this is the 3rd time this has happened!!"... So it turns out that so far Summer has already scared off 2 village boys by getting them too fucked! They just pack up and leave the next day!! LOL!

anyway, life is good. It's very wierd to spend time with English ppl again. God we're funny! :) hehe. I've aslo met some very embarressing english ppl. It's very awkward when your sat with them and they're being hopelessly pathetic and you feel like you have to explain to ppl that you aren't associated with them.... pommy bastards.

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