Sunday, April 06, 2003

Today we went for a bike ride to a temple of steps and threw tennis ball around the place. Then we jumped off some sand dunes. Then we came back and went for a swim in the holy lake.... Now, the holy lake is wholly grim. It's green for a start, and visibility is about 6 inches. On top of this, it is brimming full of pre-historic fishy eel type creatures which range from about 1 to 3 feet long, and they aren't afraid of humans. Quite the opposite. When they see you at the waters edge they come over in their hundreds, meaning you have to jump into a writhing mass of slimy fish. Stripped down to our boxers, Dieter, Christoph and I stood at the edge of the pool staring at the gaping mouths of these slimy monsters as they mouthed silently "we want your flesh".......
A local stall-owner came over to offer his advice..... "they don't bite do they?" we asked. "Yeeees!" He said, and proceeded to try and show us the many scars on his hands. He then got a stick and demonstrated how the fish would bite it when it was put in the water. "But they don't have teeth do they?" we tried. "Yes! Have teeth!" he insisted. Eventually we decided it was worth the risk and tried to jump out over the fish to the less infested waters. As soon as I hit the water I started hitting fish with my arm and legs as i tried to swim. Their skin was slimy and cold to the touch. At first i felt extremely squeemish, but after a few moments, when I realised they weren't picking my bones clean in a mass feeding frenzy, I decided it was bearable and had a swim around, brushing them aside as I went.

The kids from school also came down to the ghats (steps leading down to the ater for bathing in holy water) and some of them had a swim with us. But soon they were asked to leave as they are lower-caste and their presence pollutes the holiness of the place. Stupic fucking caste system! Anyway, it was good day.

I just past 2 cows with a 5th leg growing from their backs. They were being paraded around by their owners who are trying to get money for ppl taking photos. I had a close look to see if they were just sown on or something but they seem to be real. Cool. :)

My throat is still not well. It feels like I have a cut at the back of my throat on one side. Any doctors out there? any advice?

I'm thinking of doing some snowboarding when I head up north after Pushkar. Apparantly it's only 100 rupees a day! that's about One pound 30! Obviously have to hire equipment and stuff too, but sounds possible.... :)

I'm going to a wedding tonight which should be a pretty fun experience. I've heard some mad stories about indian weddings.... I'll let you know how it goes......

It's wierd seeing the kids working in the market. At school I just think of them as kids, and then when i come down to the market (the main tourist strip) I see them all begging. It's kinda wierd. But's it's ok, cos they all come over to say hi (as long as they're not in the middle of bothering someone) and their "hungry, sad, destitute" look is instantly replaced by their usual "happy" look.... :)

ok, run out of things to say. And so have you judging by the amoun of comment my blog recieves! ;)


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