Saturday, April 12, 2003

I am sitting in the morning
at the net caf on the corner
and I'm waiting for the buttmunch
to get off the damn computer
cos i need the cd writer
and it's taking him forever
just to check his bloody e-mail what a total pile of poo.

Grrr. Technology has been ganging up on me lately. Last night my MD player broke, so now I can't record anything, and it erased my Nora Jones MD, which was one of my favourites! Then also my CD's a bought to copy photo's off my digital cam refused to work in my friends laptop, so I've had to come back to the shop where I bought them and have an argument with the owner about the quality of his CD's... So he's offered to copy them here to demonstrate that they work, but I've been waiting nearly an hour for the machine with the CD writer to be free........ :(

It's free now and he's started... fingers crossed.......

ok, anyway. I'm leaving Pushkar this evening on the 7pm bus and heading to Agra with 2 girls, one Israeli and one French. Just gonna run in, take a photo of the Taj mahal, then run out again! I'm really looking forward to reaching the mountains..... mountains rule! Finding it very hard to say goodbye to the kids...... I keep seeing them in the market but it's not the same as at school.... :(

Right, I cant really think of much to say today. I've been ill the last couple of days with a stomach upset, but I've been eating this wierd Psillium husk stuff, which yo squish into a ball and swallow. It's grim, but it works..... :)

Man, I'm boring myself! ok, bye...

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