Monday, April 28, 2003

There was more!!!

As if enough hadn't happened already, last night I had two more surprises....
First of all, Yaell suddenly showed up out of the blue and started knitting shoes on my porch. (Yaell is the Israeli girl i was with in Delhi). Then, just an hour after I had e-mailed him saying where I was, Danel arrived!!! For those who've been here a while, you will know that danel is the Israeli guy I travelled around Goa for a month with. But was it really danel?? He looked like a half dead version of the guy I knew. His eyes had black bags that would put the most dedicated junkie to shame. His cheeks were sunken and his beard was growing wild. He was soaked thru to the skin. Wearing just a thin sweatshirt and a pair of jeans he had ridden his Honda Hero from Rishakesh to Dharamasala in the rain, having been ill and unable to eat for a week, and sleeping in roadside dabas on the floor. He was cold thru to the bones and shivering. After sitting him down and covering him in blankets, he started to get a bit of energy back, and looked slightly better, although still more like a corpse than a living human being. The, just as i thought he was going to be ok, his eyes rolled back, his head lolled to the side, and his mouth began gnashing! I didn't know what to do, so i ran and got Sunil to ask him where I could find a doctor. After a few minutes danel came to, but was feeling very bad, so we got him to bed and gave him some glucose drink. After a while he managed to eat some pizza, and today, thanks to the pills Paul's mum gave me in Pune, he is back in the land of the living once more!

So now I'm trying to arrange my train tickets to get to katmandu. What a nightmare. I thought maybe the internet would help me... Ha! Go and look at the Indian Railaways site... ....What a joke!! I spent 20 mins just trying to find the right page, and even then u have to know the codes of every train and station to use the bloody form! anyway, hopefully Summer knows a guy who can book for me. It;s gonna be quite a jouney.... overnight bus to Delhi, then overnight train to Gorakpur, then bus to Sunauli, then overnight bus to Katmandu!!! 3 nights of sleeping on public transport!! lama cacher!! (dont know how to spell).

ok, gotta go and have a shave now... 10 rupees for a good shave...baragin! :)

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